Riddle Puzzle For fun


How To Solve This Type Of Riddle

The riddle gives you letters of the alphabet one of which will be the numbered letter in the word to be found. It also gives you the letters that are NOT included in the numbered letter of the word, which can sometimes help to reduce the number of options you have to pick from.

So if the riddle says “my first is in red but not in green”, then you know that the first letter of the word to be found could be r or e or d. BUT then you are told that the first letter is NOT in “green”. The word green includes the letter “e”, so that can be removed from the options for the first letter. The first letter must be either “r” or “d”.

If the riddle now says, “My second is in pint but not in pot”, then you know that the second letter in the word to be found can only be “i” or “n” because “p” and “t” are also in “pot” and cannot be used.

The word to be found could now start ri or rn or di or dn. No English words start with rn or dn to my knowledge, so the word must either start with ri or di.

Onto the 3rd letter. If the riddle now says “my third is in bed but not asleep”, then following the same rules, the 3rd letter can only be “b” or “d”.

The word can now start “rib” or “rid”.

Just continue on in the same way to get all the letters.

Very often the riddle will have a strong clue at the end as to what the word can be. For instance, this one might end, “my whole is a puzzle for you to solve”. That means that if the word to be found has 6 letters, you could take a guess at it being “riddle”.