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Grease Trap Benefits

http://stainlesscateringsupplies.co.uk/Grease Traps For Commercial Kitchens Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

Yes, when you consider what they will save you (provided you clean them regularly)!
1. Fewer clogged drains
2. Fewer nasty smells
3. Lower risk of pest infestation
4. Less chance of disruption to business by the Roads contractors having to dig up the roads to clear a blocked sewer or drain.
5. More pleasant visits from health inspectors when they come to see your kitchen.

Grease traps are not only legally required for commercial food preparation areas in many states and countries but are helpful to the commercial kitchen
manager or owner. Grease traps remove the FOG items (Fat, Oil and Grease) from the grey water after it leaves the dish washing appliances and before it reaches
the external drain.

Do Grease Traps Work?

Yes. There are plenty of videos online that will show you grease traps being installed, tested and cleaned. If you are going to watch a video of a grease trap
that has been in use, beware, the inlet side is not a pretty site. Having said that, the difference between the water coming into the grease trap and that leaving the grease trap after cleaning is striking. And of course, there is always the waste oil to be pumped out and recycled.

There are two types of grease trap: above or below ground. This video shows an above ground grease trap being cleaned. Warning, the inlet side (as with all used grease traps) looks pretty gunky! But compare that with the outlet side – total difference.